Deliciouss caramel milkshake.

i made this on sunday night with my friends and i lovedd it.
--- you`ll need;
-1 cup of cold milk
-1/3 cup of caramel ice cream topping. (like the squeezie bottles, i think they have it with like smuckers.
just go to the ice cream aisle and you`ll find it. )
-2 cups of vanilla or chocolate ice cream. or one of each. (:
-whipped cream ( optional )
-sea salt ( optional if you want salted caramel )-cup.
:D step one:
place milk, caramel and ice cream in the blender.
step two:
blend until smooth and creamy.
:D step three:
squeeze some caramel into the bottom of your glass, and turn it upside down over a plate. let the caramel run down the sides of the cup so it looks cool & pretty.
step four:
pour your milkshake into the cup.
:D step five:
top with whip cream and chocolate shavings, or salt, or cocoa powder, or sprinkles.
(: whatever you like. sorry it was such a short tip but i hope you enjoyed.
(: xoxoxo,

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