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I know that not a lot of people like eating eggplant, I don`t blame them because I used to hate it as a child too:) I didn`t like it until few years ago when I tasted a spicy eggplant dish that a seafood restaurant in my hometown makes. It was from then that I know you have to deep fried eggplants to make them taste good. My mom who disapproves any fried food would always just stir fry eggplants in garlic and soy sauce, which is a little bland and wonder I never liked them when I was younger, hehhe :p The secret to making any eggplant dish is to first deep fry the eggplant before stir-frying it in sauces and other ingredients. Here`s a dish of spicy eggplant with tomatoes that I made for my friends at her house the other day and I am glad that everyone likes it!:) If you like eggplant, here`s how I make mine..First you cut the eggplants into smaller pieces, then you deep fried them and side them aside. Next, fry some chilli in oil and stir fry some tomatoes before adding in the eggplants. Then, season the dish with salt, vinegar, sugar and some Siracha Chilli paste and you`ll have a bowl of delicious spicy eggplant! So easy and delicious!:)

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