Delicious Homemade Lamb Dinner!

2 years ago

Lamb is one of the only red meats I eat (the occasional hamburger is always delicious!) and I love cooking it! The smell is amazing and it`s super quick and easy. Keep reading to find out how I make my yummy homemade lamb dinner!

-Lamb chops (or your preferred cut)
-Green beans
-Black pepper


1. Prepare The Grill
I cook my lamb on a grill pan - it`s super easy that way. Get the pan heated to a low-medium heat and spray it with non-stick cooking spray. This will keep the lamb`s tender meat from sticking to the grill.

2. Season Lamb
Lamb has a pretty unique and tasty flavor all its own to begin with, so it doesn`t need much seasoning. I just sprinkle a bit of black pepper on both sides of the meat (see picture 2!).

3. Cook Both Sides Evenly
Once your grill pan is hot (but not too hot! Lamb can easily burn on the outside with the inside still raw), put your lamb chops on. I like to cover mine to keep the heat in so the meat cooks more evenly. It`s very easy to overcook the outside, so a low-medium heat is best.

4. Prepare Your Veggies
I always make whatever vegetable I have on hand - this time was green beans! As the lamb was cooking, I went ahead and steamed my green beans by placing them in a bowl with a bit of water, putting saran-wrap over it, and popping it in the microwave for about two minutes. (See picture 3)

5. Check On Your Lamb
The outside of your lamb should a dark grey-brown color (don`t cook it like a steak, though! It`ll dry out). The inside should be a light pink color. If it looks like picture number 4, it`s NOT done yet! Still needs some more cooking! It`ll be done when the meat is still very tender, easy to pull apart, and the inside is a bit pink.

6. Serve and Eat!
Let the lamb sit for a bit in order for the juices to redistribute throughout it. Then, plate it with your vegetable and you`re good to go :) Enjoy!!

Have you ever made lamb before? Let me know how you prepare it!

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