Delicious Dinner @ Kokola

4 years ago

<strong>Kokola</strong> is a small cafe that I have been going to ever since I was a young teenager. It was very popular back then until many other cafes started to open up. I still like going there to eat, even though portions have gotten smaller and prices has gone up, but there is many memories there so I go back once in awhile. The food still tastes pretty good and the service is still good, and the manager there is still a lovely lady.

One of the things my friend and I ordered is the <strong>Honey Sausages</strong> which is a delicious appetizer. I love how the honey is spreaded on the sausages which gives it a great taste. Second, we order the <strong>Bacon Cheese Fries</strong> which is new on the menu. It doesn`t taste as good ones I tasted at Nathans but they are still pretty decent. Lastly, this is the dish one of my girls order, I forgot what it is called but it basically some type of chicken over rice. It tasted pretty good as well since I took a bite of her chicken. I forgot to take a picture of my own meal LOL!

<em>What did you have for dinner?
Is there a restaurant you go to ever since you were young?</em>

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