Delicious BBQ Ribs and Greens

4 years ago

<div><div style="font-family: Calibri,sans-serif; font-size: 11pt;">Heeeyyyy Luuuxers, how is every one today? I know it been a while since I`ve last posted a blog on through my page, time had been very consuming lately. But im back now lol with some more exciting blogs, hopefully you guys will enjoy most of them, I know some of them maybe a lil boring lol but hey.. We get points for them right lol .. But any way.. This is for all of my food lovers out there like myself. Tonight I cooked a lil dinner. Nothing too big big and extravagant but more so decent to eat to tonight. And tonight`s menu was actually BBQ ribs and Fresh cooked delicious Collared Greens, and also I made some awesome Macaroni salad. In which I had not had in a very long time, so tonight it was a delight to be able to have macaroni salad to be apart of my meal tonight. But everything was awesome. Lately ive learned that I have a passion for cooking. I enjoy cooking, I absolutely love it. And 1 day hopefully illl have my own restaurant or little eat out place lol. But that`s all for tonight guys, and stay tuned for tomorrows post, tomorrow I will be baking my delightful n loved recipe for sweet potato pie. Its so good guys. I dont think there`s some one who can make it like how I can make it. It taste so good that Emeril wouldn`t be able to handle it lol.. But again thanks guys and comment let me know you thoughts!<br />- when you cook you ribs, do you cook it to the point that the meat falls off the bone?<br />- how do you cook your Collars Greens?<br />- what seasonings do you use for seasoning your meats?<br />- do you love macaroni salad? <br /><br /></div></div>

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