Deep Fried Green Beans w Pork

4 years ago

This was the dish I was trying to re-create one night.

It uses spring beans and pork. This is the Shanghainese version since the pork are in strips rather than minced.

They also did not use any XO sauce for it, unlike the Cantonese version.

This dish is quite popular amongst Chinese people, you can see it all over most menus at an Authentic Chinese restaurant.

These beans were deep fried in a mixture of soy sauce, peanut oil (because a lot of Shanghainese dishes use peanut oil or sesame oil rather than canola or vegetable oil) and sugar until they are very crisp. Then Szechuan peppers are added in to add spiciness to it.

The pork is cut into strips and deep fried in a mixture of ginger and soy sauce, giving it a nice punch of flavor.

Then the beans and pork are grilled together so the flavors blend and it is served hot.

Personally, I prefer the Cantonese version more because the use of minced pork tastes a lot better. I really didn`t like the pork here since there was a strong taste of ginger and I don`t like ginger.

It was nice to try though, I get to see how different regions of China put their own spin on popular dishes.

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