Deep-fried cheese Potato

4 years ago

Mashed potatoes aren`t really a staple in the everyday diet of Taiwanese people. Actually, most stereotypical American foods aren`t (except for corn... they freakin` love corn), but if you fry any food item you can think of, Asians will probably eat it. I promise you that. In yet another stroke of genius, mashed potato is molded back into ellipsoid shape of a whole potato (so meta), dipped and battered in panko breadcrumbs, and fried until you get a giant nugget of soft potato wrapped in a crispy shell. If making a giant sized french fry weren`t bad enough, it gets dissected, stuffed, and covered with pretty much whatever the hell you want on top of it. Cheese? Of course. Pineapple? Sure! Hot dogs, octopus, and broccoli? I was just about to curl up and die in excitement.

I chose to get the one that`s basically their sampler. You get less of every topping (and none of the nifty ones like octopus), but you get a bit of most of the basic ones. As advertised, they pull a freshly re-fried potato from a vat of oil, cut a cross in it, and begin piling shit in like no one`s business. Bacon bits, ham, turkey, corn (can`t not have corn), pineapple, broccoli, mayonnaise, and a hard boiled egg get mercilessly piled on before cheese potato guy scoops two spoonfuls of hot cheese (American of course!) over the entire creation. It`s beautiful (in the sense that you can`t really look away from roadkill)! It`s like you`d expect, a bit too much for your mouth to comprehend simultaneously, but at the same time, with flavors ranging from sweet to tart to savory, it`s as confusing as it is delicious. Texturally, it`s like eating mashed potato... but with the occasional crunch of a french fry crust. I don`t know anyone who hates french fries... so there ya go.

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