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5 years ago

I already have a deep conditioning thing on one of my posts... this is the other thing that i have been doing lately since i been dying/bleaching/frying my hair A LOT.

-a half of an avocado.
(no matter how short your hair is i recomend you to use at least one half of this since is soooo freaking good for your hair. if your hair is longer you can always use more. it totally depends on you. feel free to add as much as you want but never less than a half.)

- Mayonaise
Dont use a light or low in fats one.. use a regular one.

- one entire egg.

- Tomato juice
Dont use any kind of alreadydone tomato juice. NO!. when you are doing something for your hair/skin you always want to have the most natural ingredients so all of the natural and great things can be absorved by your hair/skin.

-olive oil.

-a blender

-a strainer

-shower cap.

-blow dryer.

to make the tomato juice: Take one small tomato or half of a big one and put it into the blender until you have a paste. take that paste and put it into the strainer and push to get the juice.. also remember to put a bowl down so you can catch the juice.
put the avocado, one or two spoons of mayonaise, the egg, one spoon of olive oil and some of the tomato juice in your clean blender cup and mix it.
you should have something like a paste. dont have to be too runny cause you are going to do a mess, if you need, you can put more avocado or mayonaise to make it thicker. thats why the tomato juice should be added at the end gradually as you do the mix.

now put this mix on your hair... i always wash it first with shampoo, no conditioner and warm water to open the cuticles of the hair. then i put the mix in my clean and warm hair... starting by the very ends and work my way up. i put this on my roots as well but maybe you dont want that since your hair can look a little bit oily but i personally dont have a problem with it. once you have all of your hair damp in this mix, make a bun and put on a shower cap or something and heat it for 10 minutes or something like that. i leave this on as much as i can, sometimes for 5 hours or more. you can leave this as much as you want but never less than an hour. the most that you leave it on, the better. also i dont think that you want to sleep in it since it can get too messy. but it is up to you.

then wash your hair with warm water two or three times if it is nescessary and do the usual. (condition if you normally do) and use cold water at the end on your hair to close the cuticles and have a shiny hair. and thats it. your hair should feel so much softer and healthy and look a lot more shiny. :)
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