Deep Clean Your House in One Week: Day 4

4 years ago

Day Four, clean the following:

*Doors. This includes your front doors, bedroom doors, closet doors, etc! I find that a Mr. Clean magic eraser does the trick!
*Door Handles. This is one thing that I always forget about! I`m really good at cleaning the doors- but not so good at remembering to polish the door handles!
*Behind and Underneath Furniture- If you want, save this one for a day that you are off because it does require moving a bit of furniture. Once you dust and vaccum behind and underneath furniture though, it will amaze you how clean your house feels.
*Couch and Chairs. This is your opportunity to wash your couch! You can rent an upholstry cleaner if you would like or simply go to the store and buy a foaming cleaner to wash it yourself. BE SURE TO wash the whole thing not just spot clean. I have found that if you simply spot clean a couch or chair you will leave rings that never come up! so if you only wanted to do one cushion, thats fine... but wash the whole cushion not just the spot!

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