Deep Clean Your House in One Week: Day 1

4 years ago

Day One, clean the following:

*legs of chairs. You would be suprised how much dust and dirt will accumulate on the legs of chairs. I will also use this opportunity to clean under my kitchen table and a few random pieces of furniture throughout my house (coffee table, side tables, etc.)
*Clean the base boards (and crown molding if you have it!) Because I have two floors, I will clean the downstairs first and as I walk upstairs to clean I will clean the railing up my stairs.
*Clean all fan blades! this is one of my least favorite chores because I end up having to stand on a chair or my bed and as I clean, all the dust falls into my face... annoying I know, but it has to be done! Just think about how much dust is being pushed around when you put the fan on! That is what motivates me to clean the fan blades more often!
*Finally, clean light fixtures! Depending on what kinds of light fixtures you have and how high your ceilings are, you may save this for another day- but I try to go ahead and get it knocked out of the way as much as possible. We have a light over our stairs that is impossible for me to reach (I refuse to stand on a ladder on the stairs) so I let my husband do it:)

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