Deco`s Dog Cafe in Japan

4 years ago

This Dog Cafe seriously stole my million dollar idea. Okay, maybe I didn`t necessarily have it first since I couldn`t carry it out, but I did think about it! I am a serious dog lover, so NOT allowing dogs at food establishments makes me sad, but I understand the health risks and whatnot.

But if you are a serious dog lover, like myself, you might like to check out <strong>Deco`s Dog Cafe</strong>. This place opened in 2001 (so I admit I didn`t have the idea first T__T). It allows you to share a table with your beloved canine friend and you both can share fine dishes. I don`t mean literally share off the same plate, but there are human and dog versions of dishes.

And if you love your dog THAT much, you could easily organize a birthday party for your fur baby. It`s not cheap, but who cares about cost when you can make sure your kid is happy, right? I wouldn`t mind. You even get a personalized cake for your beloved pooch.

Feel left out `cause you don`t have a dog? <STRONG>DON`T BE!</STRONG> You can actually "rent" one from the cafe to feed or take out for walks. I`m not so sure I would enjoy picking up after a dog that wasn`t mine.... But still seems like a good idea!

<strong>Bad news</strong> This is in Japan. :c I guess my beloved Pom baby will never get to sit at a restaurant with me.

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