Decorating Like a College Student 101

4 years ago

Ah, college. A time to meet new people, take some cool classes, appreciate napping, and do some major learning. Oh, and drink :) My youngest roommate just turned 21 so we can all legally go out and drink together now. That also means that we can all buy alcohol now, too. It`s only a couple weeks into the new school year, but our bottle collection is doing pretty good so far!

Decorating your living space in college doesn`t necessarily mean going out and buying accent pillows and picture frames and curtains (well, actually it does... we had to buy those things when we moved in together over a year ago, haha). It means showing off your love of the college experience (aka drinking) by proudly displaying your bottles of liquor and spirits. Last year my roommates and I only put our bottles on the top of our stove. Now, though, we`ve moved on to the shelf above the entertainment center. And every few days we somehow manage to add another bottle, lol :)

Once we get enough "pretty" bottles to fill the shelf above the entertainment center, we`re going to turn it into a really cool display - I brought up a blacklight which is currently sitting on the shelf too behind the bottles, so when we turn it on it`ll look really cool with the bottles glowing :)

Some of our bottles are laugh-worthing, but some are also pretty awesome (Southern Comfort? Jack? Yes!). Last year we were afraid that displaying bottles would look cheap and tacky, but we`re actually making it work! :D

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