DECORATE your Laptop

Wanna "spice" up your mac or your laptop?
Here are some ideas I have for you.
(: 01. STiCKERS.
-Paste some cool stickers that describe you all over.
-Make sure they are stickers that when you look at them you`ll never get tired of them.
02. "SKiN" COVER
-Try a removable laptop skin cover.
-These are good because whenever you get tired of the same cover you can just remove it & get a new cover.
-Get a hot glue gun & some rhinestones & glue them on.
-Make sure that the rhinestones are some that you like because it`s hard to get them off.
-Decorate them in a way that you really like.
-Get some stick on letters & write something like your name or a quote on your laptop.
-Some ideas that you could write on it;
something that means a lot to you someone`s nameanything really
-You`ll need fake fur, glue gun, & a cutter.
-Grab a corner of your fur fabric and glue it onto a corner of your laptop. Leave a small amount of fur overhanging on the corner and trim it off later. You may need to chop a square off the corner of your fur if your laptop screen is thick. Generally the fur is pretty forgiving material because it can disguise your cuts, especially dark fur. Starting at a corner allowed me to orient and position the edge of the fur with one hand.-Lay a 1 or 2 inch long bead of glue along the edge nearest the screen that is not on the same face as the screen. This way your laptop will still close properly. I used a short bead because the glue cools quickly and little patches are easier to work with. -Press the edge of the fur onto your glue. This gives you a nice thin glued area that is pretty much invisible.
-Continue like this along both edges radiating from your first corner.
-Now that you`ve glued along two connecting edges, pull your fur tight (or at least not loose) and glue it along the next edge and then the final edge. On this fourth and final edge you may have some problems with too much or too little fur. In my case I had a teeny bit too much slack. I distributed the slack evenly over a 6 inch length and this eliminated the problem. It`s probably best to glue the hinged side last because this side is the most hidden.
-Now cut! Cut the fur from the fur-less side with a cutter to keep your fur nice and long. So cut from the screen side out toward the edge.
-And do any clean-up cutting from the outside with the blade pointing toward the screen (careful now). This is where you`d trim off any blobs of hot glue that leaked out when you pressed the fur down onto the glue.
-Try getting some glow in the dark stickers.
-It will make your laptop look really cool in the dark.
07. PiCTURES-Paste on some pictures you took with your family or friends.
-Or any pictures you want of something.
---- Credit for the instructions for the furry laptop cover.
(: I hope you liked the tip.

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