Decepticon Transformer Weeding Ring

5 years ago

If two Transformer fans would get married, what will they use to symbolize the union? A Transformer weeding ring.
The Transformer on the ring is a Decepticon, which is kind of strange to use in a weeding because the word resembles deception. The Decepticon that holds the diamond is actually very well designed and it doesn`t even look like one at first and probably not everybody will associate it with Transformers, so in case your other half is not that into transformers it wont be a big problem.

From what i understood it isn`t on sale and it was made by a deviant art user to propose. If thats true, i have to say the ring looks done by a professional and it would probably sell some good numbers if it was on the market.

<strong>What do you think of this ring? Would you propose or liked to be proposed with this ring?</strong>

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