Death Outside the Dying Rooms

4 years ago

I know this is an old issue but i just stumbled upon these documentary videos on YouTube recently and i couldnt believe my eyes what i saw in these videos....if your a very soft hearted person then i will say please dont watch part it totally burst me into tears and i havent slept properly since ive seen this documentary. this is a must watch though

The Dying Rooms report by BBC over a decade ago made the claim that orphanages in China regularly made conscious decisions to let children die of starvation. There have been many records released of the childrens deaths in various facilities and survival rates published that proved that these orphanages had zero population growth. "Zero population growth" means that the number of children under the authority of the CWI does not increase. In other words, the number of adoptions, deaths and transfers (when the children age out) are equal or greater than the number of incoming children. I know in the orphanage I worked in that the number of children coming in was around 200, sometimes 250 per year. Only recently have the number of adoptions reached 50 (and 2008 might be close to 100). Of course, I do not have numbers for other orphanages, but I assume they are similar. In any event, I do know that adoption was less frequent 1995-1999, and the number of incoming children was about the same. Yet, the population of the orphanage did not increase. As adoptions and "age out" transfers are done according to known standards, this requires a lot of deaths, most of which are preventable.

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