Dear Yelp

4 years ago

Dear Yelp,

Let me start by saying that I think your website has a great concept. I have personally spoken with several Yelp employees in the past, and they have all been a pleasure to interact with.
That being said, although, the people running your website are not trying to hurt anyone, your users write reviews that are hurting people by using their real names or even derogatory descriptions of the workers that they had interacted with during the experience they are reviewing.
Therefore, I would like to see a couple of changes made.

First of all, people should take a quick survey before they create a review answering a few questions about their service, mainly ascertaining whether your user, as a customer, communicated any unpleasant experience to a manager. The person that walked away from the business without saying anything and went right home to write a negative review is not only a coward, but is also going to pollute your website with meaningless opinion. No one cares to read a review from someone that should have stayed home in the first place... but some people might want to read them, so categorize users by what kind of a customer they are. If a survey and categorizing is not conducive to your sign up process, then add in mandatory guidelines.

Most Importantly, users should be given an option when they sign up... a legal agreement from which two to choose:
Option 1. Comment and review on general experience. If any names are used in a review, the user will be banished to Siberia... you get the idea.
Option 2. Allow users complete freedom (similar to the pandemonium that currently transposes) The user can use names of workers, friends, owners, family... whoever they want to include in their review. The catch here is that the user has to post all of their contact information to the website so that if they decide to post a biased and unjust review, the person they attack in the review has an opportunity to speak up.
Speaking out against someone that doesn`t have a voice is not only morally corrupt and an infringement of rights but it is terrorism. Make no mistake, the fear that is put in every customer service worker when they think someone will use their name on Yelp is cruel and unusual punishment and can only be described as the dictionary definition for terrorism.

Make things fair, level the playing ground.

This is my first and only plea for change in policy before I tear you up and shut you down through YouTube, Facebook and any other social media network I can access to spread my message. I am an artist with no shortage of ideas and your users are nothing but that. Users.

Perhaps Michael Moore`s new movie: (H)Yelp! I Lost My Job!

Anywho, thanks for not reading this since I know you don`t care about one person that doesn`t have an account on your website anyway. I just figured I would let you know before I convince everyone I know, and then the rest of Southern California to stop using your website.
Have a nice day.
David Virone

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