Dean Winchester vs. Sam Winchester

4 years ago

So I`m getting a bit tired of dealing with the "You only like Dean better because he`s handsome". For one, Sam and Dean are both extremely attractive men. And secondly, I don`t like Dean strictly because he`s attractive. Yeah, that`s a bonus, but not why. I like him because when I think of him, of the way he grew up, raising Sammy, having to put everyone else before himself, I see me. I see how I grew up. And when I see how loyal he is to those he loves, how he would do absolutely anything for them, I see what I would want in a man. When I think of how strong he is, it makes me think that if I could have someone like that, I`d never let them go. When I think of Dean, I think of how badly I want to just hold him and let him let go of his worries for a little while. Just so he can be a normal person.
So no, I don`t like Dean Winchester because he`s "pretty" or "male model material." I like him because him as a person is wonderful. He`s loyal, true, caring, protective, and...perfectly imperfect. And I love him for it.

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