DEAL! $150 J.Crew Piece for $3

We all know J.Crew can be extremely expensive, but I cannot help browsing their collections of clothing that I cannot afford. Sometimes if I really love a piece, I will wait months for it to go on sale, and if I am lucky they will still have my size in stock.

<strong>IMAGE 2 (sourcelinked below)</strong> Is the <strong>J.Crew OGJM Hyacinth Necklace</strong> inspired by the works of visual artist, <strong>Orly Genger</strong>. The story is, <strong>Jaclyn Mayer</strong>, had picked up some scraps of rope at her friend Orly Genger`s studio, and as a jewelry designer, she was inspired to turn the scraps into this beautiful statement piece. In fact, the visual artist, Orly Genger, wore this piece her friend had designed to the grand opening of her gallery exhibition!

<strong>Cost of the J.Crew OGJM Hyacinth Necklace: $150</strong>

<strong>IMAGE 1 (my own picture)</strong> This is my recreation of this beautiful statement piece.
<strong>Cost: $3!!!</strong>

<strong>HOW TO MAKE:</strong>

<em>Time: 10 minutes</em>

<em>Materials Needed: 9mm crochet hook, 4-6 inches of yarn, 2 jump rings, 1 chain necklace, Pliers</em>

<strong>STEP 1:</strong> Cut two strands of yarn, 2-3 inches each. Hold them together, and loop them together in a slip knot.
<strong>STEP 2:</strong> Chain 15.
<strong>STEP 3:</strong> When you reach Chain 15, now you`re going to single stitch into Chain 13.
<strong> STEP 4:</strong> From Chain 13, you`re going to increase the number of stitches until you reach Chain 7. (Chain 12= 3 stitches, Chain 11= 3 stitches, Chain 10= 4 stitches, Chain 9= 4 stitches, Chain 8= 5 stitches, Chain 7= 5 stitches)
<strong>STEP 5:</strong> From Chain 7, you`re going to decrease the number of stitches, so you`re going to do everything in reverse. (Chain 6= 4 stitches, Chain 5=4 stitches, Chain 4= 3 stitches, Chain 3= 3 stitches, Chain 2= 2 stitches, Chain 1=1 stitch)
<strong>STEP 6:</strong> Knot it at the end, and cut of the extra strands.
<strong>STEP 7:</strong> Using pliers open the jump rings, and attach one to each end.
<strong>STEP 8:</strong> Attach the chain necklace to the jump rings, and you`re done! I broke off the chain necklace and jump rings from an old Forever 21 necklace that I never wear.

There you have it! A $150 necklace for $3 :) I finally learned how to crochet, so this is the first piece I have made. I`m not familiar with proper crocheting terms because a friend of mine taught me how to crochet, so we just went through the motions, but I don`t know all the technical terms. The yarn material doesn`t look exactly like the J. Crew necklace. What I plan on doing is cutting up an old t-shirt and crocheting that into this necklace because it`s closer to the material used for the J.Crew necklace. I`m also going to be purchasing real chains and jump rings at my local craft store, so it`ll look more similar to the J.Crew necklace.

<strong>What do you think of my DIY? Is my version similar to the J.Crew necklace?</strong>

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