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5 years ago

I`m not so much of a fan of his anymore, but Deadmau5(Dead Mouse) is one of the biggest names in House/Dance Music today. What do you guys think of him?

Perhaps you have heard him, or maybe you have seen him as he all of his live performances are with him wearing a huge 3D cat head, but Deadmau5 has taken the world by storm over the past 3 short years.

Before we delve further into his career, I feel the need to explain where Deadmau5 came up with his moniker. The name originated years ago when he found a dead mouse in his computer while he was replacing his video card. He discussed this with chat room users and became known as "that dead mouse guy." His nickname "Dead Mouse" was too long for the IRC character limit, and was then shortened to deadmau5.

Unlike the majority of artists on the DJ Mag top 100 charts, Deadmau5 does not consider himself a DJ, but rather uses software and other technology to bring his electronic music to the dancing massives.

Although his recording career began in the 1990`s it wasn`t until almost ten years later that Deadmau5 truly became a worldwide sensation that he now is. Tapping into the technology available to many budding producers these days, Deadmau5 was able to put his music online by himself through the website and quickly began to develop a following.

In 2008, he debuted on the DJ Mag top 100 at #11 due in part by his collaborations with Kaskade on the tracks "Move for me" and "I Remember," along with his collaboration with Rob Swire on the track "Ghosts n Stuff" all earned the honor of becoming #1 on the Billboard Dance Music Charts, which set him up to become to highest downloaded artist on in 2009 with over 30,000 musical downloads.

Those commercial successes have allowed Deadmau5 to pave a career that is different from most dance recording artists in the way that he has permeated mainstream culture by being featured on a large variety of television, film and even video games.

While his career has not had the same direction and longevity that most DJs in the DJ Mag Top 10 have had, there is something to be said for the colossal popularity that Deadmau5 has experienced and is sure to have much more in store for the world for many years to come.

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