Deadly Oysters

4 years ago

These are the "deadly oysters" I had on my boyfriend`s birthday. I took him out to a fancy restaurant that specializes in seafood (since he loves seafood). One of his favourite things is oysters and I enjoy them as well. However, as soon as I ate these oysters, my body instantly reacted badly to them. I became so itchy and my body started to burn up. I thought it was an allergic reaction to the material of my dress (since it was new), but it was definitely these oysters. I`ve never been allergic to oysters before, so it must have been these special types. It did not help that we ordered 2 of each kind and had no idea which it was :( when we got home, i took off my dress, and was horrified by all the red hives all over my body, the only parts that were normal were my face and legs. I definitely had to panic since I`ve never had rashes before, but luckily after getting advice from a pharmacist from a drug store, my boyfriend rubbed some special medicated lotion on me, and the rash calmed down after a couple of hours.

However, they did taste delicious :) but from then on, I was so scared to eat oysters and haven`t since :P Anyone have similar stories?

*pic is mine*

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