DEAD CAT into Remote Control Helicopter!

Is this even possible? Taking your deceased cat or pet that was hit by a car, stuffing the deceased cat and now turning the deceased cat into a <strong>remote control helicopter</strong> called "Orvillecopter"? That is just plain creepy in my opinion.

Owner, Bart Jansen who is a dutch artist didn`t want to have a burial for his cat? But instead pay contributes to his cat named, Orville by turning his pet cat into a remote control helicopter. What`s his point of this? He mentioned it would be fun to play with but also for "revenge" for those who don`t watch out for cats in the street. But honestly, if someone hits a cat, it isn`t necessarily the drivers fault. Cats need to watch out but how? They`re not "people", they need to be watched by so owner`s should watch out for their pets. There are some people who swerve out of the way for animals/pets but sometimes when people swerve out of the way they cause accidents.

But OMG this is just so CREEPY. Bart can now have his dead cat around him at all times..

<strong>Would you ever do this to a deceased pet? If you had a chance would you play with this remote control "CAT"?</strong> That`s horrible, freaky and I also think it`s wrong and I would never go near this.

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