DE-TOX: Colon, Liver and kidneys

5 years ago

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Recently, I realized that whenever I drank a bit of alcohol (like even a cooler or bit of wine) I would have an instant werird taste in the back of my mouth + the next mornign I woke uo feeling hungover... That was really unpleasant and I did some reserach, found out that thousands have this issue and it i could be due to an intestinal yest infection. Yeah sounds gross, basically yeast is a bacteria that feeds off of sugar ... so drinking alcohol only make the infection worse - hence the disguted feeling. Since, I haven`t had the problem.
I didn`t do this cleanse in 5 days, did it in 10 so took hallf the doses that they told me to. However I did take the syrup twice a day as they indicated.. otherwise it would have outlasted the pills.

Have you ever done a de-tox ?
It should be done about 2 a year by the way, good way of staying regular and preventing colon cancer.

Happy Luuuxing

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