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4 years ago

DARPA`s XC2V crowd-sourced military vehicle competition(a new concept vehicle on a common chassis designed for both combat reconnaissance and combat delivery & evacuation), now this design turned into a fully functional prototype by June. Local Motors won the XC2V competition, they were given a mere 14 weeks to build a prototype of their "FLYPMODE" concept, this prototype looks so cool. check out see more pics.
"The XC2V is the first crowd-sourced, militarily relevant vehicle design. The DARPA XC2V effort, asked non-traditional DoD performers, small businesses, universities and the general public to contribute innovative ideas for a vehicle body designed to accomplish the critical mission tasks of combat resupply and medical evacuation. More than 150 credible designs were submitted, with the winning design taking less than fourteen-weeks to build. "

Source link: http://www.likecool.com/DARPA_completes_XC2V_crowdsourced_vehicle--Other--Car.html

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