Dark Shadows (the movie)

5 years ago

I heard a long time ago that there were plans to make the ABC show Dark Shadows into a movie. I was so excited...at first.

A few days ago I finally saw the trailer & I am not pleased at all. Keep in mind I am just judging the movie on the trailer because I haven`t seen the movie yet but I was upset.

Now I wasn`t even a gleam in my parents eye when this show 1st aired so obviously I didn`t watch Dark Shadows when it first aired but up until 2003 I believe it was the channel SYFY did air reruns & I just fell in love with the show. I loved it so much I have started buying the show on DVD...it is taking a while because there are many episodes and the dvds are on the expensive side. (Side note: I hated the remake of the show it was brutal you can catch that from time to time on the channel chiller)

Anyway back on topic...the trailer starts off great then out of no where it changes. It starts to look cheesy and trying to turn Dark Shadows into an awful campy comedy and totally ruining what the character Barnabas Collins was.

I was expecting such great things from this film and I will still give it a chance but going by what I have seen in the trailer Tim Burton has ruined Dark Shadows. I hope the trailer is a misrepresentation of what the film really is but now instead of seeing it when it first comes out I am going to wait and see what fans of the original show say after seeing it. I may even wait for it to air on HBO or something and not waste my money going to the movies to see it. Yes I was that disappointed by the trailer. :`(

Have you seen the trailer? Have you ever seen the original show? Do you plan on seeing this movie?

Note: The pictures come from the official website of the movie. They are not mine & I claim no ownership of them. To find the pictures check my source link then go to posters or gallery.

Source link: http://darkshadowsmovie.warnerbros.com/index.html

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