Dark Shadows Review

Dark Shadows just recently premiered and for those skeptics who are wondering whether it`s really worth it to watch, I say, WATCH!

As a student (who doesn`t earn anything, really), I was, at first, really reluctant to watch Dark Shadows because I already spent money watching the Avengers, but my mother was interested, so I watched with her.

I didn`t really expect it to be as amazing as The Avengers, but the movie was better than what i initially expected. I`m not a fan of watching vampire films (shudder, Twilight! ew) but let`s just say Johnny Depp can be really convincing!

Dark Shadows is a story about a vampire names Barnabas Collins, who was cursed by his ex flame, the witch Angelique Bouchard. He was released from his buried coffin in the 1970`s and finds out that his family has become quite...miserable. He sets out to help his family gain back their glory and gets discovered by Angelique Bouchard, who now goes by the name Angie in the 20th Century. She is still very much in love with him and threatens to destroy what`s left of his family if he won`t love her back.

The storyline was pretty good. The acting, though, was SUPERB! I also didn`t expect a Tim Burton film to be funny so the comedic aspect surprised me.

To fans of the original Dark Shadows show, some original cast members actually make cameos here! The original Barnabas Collins, Angelique Bouchard and Elizabeth Collins Stoddard appear in the movie!

You guys should totally watch it!

And to those who`ve seen it, what do you think?

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