Dark Knight Rises review

4 years ago

My boyfriend and I watched Dark Knight Rises for only $5 a ticket at AMC! We went in early like 5 or 6 pm and it ends at a certain time.

The movie is like one of my favorites now. The movie is so good! Believe all the hype!


I cried at 2 parts: the part when Alfred said that he was leaving if Batman did not resign or whatever. It was just so sad because Alfred was crying and he said that he didn`t want him to die... the other part was when Batman saves the whole city by flying the bomb over seas...

One thing I wasn`t sure of was if Batman is still alive or not. Like in the end where Alfred sees him at the restaurant... was it just like a daydream? My boyfriend said that he is alive because they talked about the little car/jet thing to have ... I forgot what it`s called, but it`s where the car can just drive at a set speed without your foot on the pedal. So yeah :)

Overall, great movie. It`s a must-see!

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