Dark Chocolate covered Mint Espresso Beans

4 years ago

*my photo* So I went to Trader Joe`s last week and saw these Dark Chocolate covered Mint Espresso Beans. It was a little bit pricey though .. I think it was $3.99. My boyfriend used to rave about chocolate covered espresso beans in his MREs so I thought heyyy, this might taste good and I like dark chocolate mint flavored things! So I decided to give it a try. BAD DECISION. LOL. I don`t know why anyone would ever eat espresso beans.. they`re so bitter! ): Okay, this is just how I feel because I have friends who loved chocolate covered espresso beans. But I really hated the taste and texture of it! Once you bite into it, it becomes tiny pieces that are kind of hard to swallow and it just has a bitter aftertaste. I thought about sending them to my boyfriend in his care package since I only ate about 2 but then I decided that I would just eat the chocolate coating and spit the bean out.. like eating a cherry HAHAHAH. I guess that idea worked well. I liked the chocolate but not the bean! x)

Have any of you tried these? I`d rather have chocolate covered gummy bears!

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