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danisnotonfire is AmazingPhil`s best friend.colleague on YouTube, and he is also British. danisnotonfire also comes from Manchester, and his full name is Daniel Howell. Dan is 21 years old, making him 2 years younger than Phil. His "thing" has somehow become placentas and llamas. Apparently, llamas aren`t even his favourite animal. He is a massive Muse fan and he has a man-crush on singer and guitarist Matt Bellamy. He has said that both his and Phil`s favourite album is `Origin of Symmetry` by Muse. Danisnotonfire is left-handed (as I became very pleased to know-I`m left handed too), while Phil is right-handed. Dan is said to become so angry with everyone complaining about left-handed people, that he made a video about Left-handedism (right handed people against left handed people)

Fun Fact: According to his vyou account, he is part English and the other part, where he gets his olive skin from, is still a mystery because his grandmother was adopted and they don`t know her origins.

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDG342_AJVE&feature=plcp

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