Damaged, destoryed Paintings still considered ART to you?

So many take museums for granted.. like *ME*. I went to a museum last month with my boyfriend and boy did I have a boring time, luckily it was free.. Museums aren`t my thing especially if the environment is pretty empty/spooky at the same time. Maybe if it the museums was more hands on and something I can relate to I would probably have more fun. A work of art takes time, thought, inspiration but what if we take art for granted and do not take care of them? Then what will happen to those paintings? How would they be composed to fit in the trash can?
Valerie Hegarty creates replica of famous masterpieces then finds unique methods to make them look as if they were damaged. Examples of ways she made the masterpieces damaged is by cracking, smashing, burning, shooting the paintings, letting them rot outside (for wear/tear) and these paintings turned out to look really cool. I really enjoy them.
Do you consider these destroyed paintings as art? I definitely consider these paintings as a work of art! If I saw these paintings in a museum, I would be more than intrigued! It would make me think perhaps the artist was angry, the painting was rescued from the fire, it makes me think outside of the box. I find it more interesting in my opinion, how about you? Visit the creative and talented Artist
Valerie Hegarty`s Website: http://valeriehegarty.com/home.html design

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