Dallas Mavericks Cheerleader Skimpy Outfits?

There has been some talk that these outfits are too "skimpy" for professional cheerleaders. I really disagree they are fine nothing too revealing just shows stomach. They are kind of cute though.

On Monday night, the cheerleading team took to the basketball court for the half-time show wearing short, white spandex dresses with cut-out panels.
Although skimpy outfits are run-of-the-mill for women who perform the daring and athletic routines at professional sports games, the briefness of the Mavericks new ensembles could raise some eyebrows.
The costumes bring the Mavericks on par with other cheerleaders in the same Texas city the Dallas Cowboys` dancers, who are known for the briefness of their hemline.

Source link: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/dallas-mavericks-dancers-uniforms-prove-not-everything-bigger-163130767--nba.htm

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