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Last weekend, my friends and I went up to the UC Berkeley area to visit my friends. I loved it up there in Northern California. It`s completely different from how it is down here in Southern California.

Anyway, that morning on the last day before I was heading home, I also met up with my cousin, who is a freshman at UC Berkeley. We walked around and shopped around the campus area.

I got so excited when I found out that there was a DAISO in Berkeley!!! If you don`t know what DAISO is, it is a Japanese store that sells such a wide variety of stuff [health, beauty, home, kitchen, stationary, candy, etc.] You can always find great random things in that store! The best part is, unless the price is otherwise stated on the product, everything without a price tag is only $1.50!!! We used to have a DAISO here in San Diego, but unfortunately, they closed down. Now, we have Marukai, which is still really similar to DAISO, but I know Marukai is a bit more expensive where the non-stated items are sold for $1.98!

So at Daiso, here are the items that I purchased:

1) A travel-sized hair brush: They also had it in a black color for the handle, but I love the red! It has these pretty rhinestones and the handle has a nice silicone/rubberized feel to them. I hardly brush my hair so I needed a brush haha. This was $1.50.

2) A pack of 10 AAA batteries: I have a lot of AA batteries at home, but I really needed some AAA batteries. The store actually had two varieties, but the other pack only came with 4 AAA batteries, so of course I got the pack with more batteries! This was $1.50.

3) DAISO Cotton Puffs: This actually came in a pack of two with 90 cotton pads each, which meant that you were getting 180 cotton pads! If you have never tried Japanese cotton pads, they are my absolute favorite! They feel extremely soft and are quilted really nicely so that they do not fall apart. I love using them for toner. I ended up giving the other box to my boyfriend so he can use them for his toner. This was $1.50

Have you guys ever been to DAISO? It`s amazing!

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