Daiso Cotton Squares! Quality At An Affordable Price

7 months ago

I`m always on the lookout for quality makeup remover cotton pads at affordable prices. And this one I picked up at Dasio fits the bill.
The Daiso in my area carries at least 2 kinds of cotton pads and this one is the best deal. For $1.50, you get two packs with each pack containing 90 pads. These are not your typical round pads. Instead these are square shaped. But I think shape doesn`t matter. It`s quality that counts.
And it does live up to its quality. These are made with 100 % natural cotton. It`s 2`x2.4`. It claims to be non woven sheet and it`s knit by natural water. It`s smooth and soft and does not leave lint. It`s also made in China.
I`ve already tried this and love it after the first use. It is soft and doesn`t leave any lint at all like those other cotton pads. I only needed to use 2 to remove my eye makeup and some of my foundation before washing my face with a cleanser.
Previously before discovering these, I`ve been using Delon pads that I had purchased at Costco. The ones from Daiso is comparable to the ones I`m currently using. It might just be a tad thinner but it doesn`t affect it`s effectiveness what so ever. In fact I prefer these over the Delon pads. And I think the ones at Costco has gone down in quality from the ones they used to sell.
The price beats the ones from Costco too. The ones from Costco sells for around $12.99 for a box with 8 packs each containing 100 rounds. That totals to 800.
Now at Daiso you get 180 for $1.50. So to compare prices you would only need to pay $7.50 for a total of 900 pads compared to the $12.99 at Costco.
So I definitely recommend you pick up a box and give it a try. I`m definitely going to pick up a few more boxes even though I don`t need anymore cause I still have another box I`ve bought from Costco. But I like these so much, I must buy backups just in case I ever win out or in case I`m not able to get to a Dasio again. Because the closes one near me had closed and the one I`m currently going to is 2 cities away. Even worse is if they decide to discontinue this product.
They even had a cute little storage container for their pads which also includes some pads already for $1.50 too.

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