Dad Puts Toddler in Washing Machine amp Turns it On!

4 years ago

Thank you Yahoo! for always giving me the most interesting articles. Actually, this time....this one is horribly disturbing.
This article included a video of a dad SHOVING HIS TODDLER INTO A WASHING MACHINE at a laundromat. The reasoning behind it isn`t stated, and there is no word of whether or not the parents will be charged. After shoving his kid in there, and the mom lets this go on for whatever reason, he closed the door, BUT...the washing machines are programed to lock the doors and automatically turn on when the doors are closed. So, after the dad noticed that the washer turned on and had begun filling with water, the mother joins in to help open the door, frantically. (After watching it a second time, I noticed that the machine had also already begun could tell by his 2 little white socks tumbling about, poor thing!) After a few trials and failures they both run to get an employee to shut it off and open the door. Between the time the child was placed in there and the machine was turned off, was about a minute or so. Luckily, the child ended up being ok and just left with bruises and bumps, but it easily could`ve killed or seriously injured him.
So. Obviously this video is disturbing and awful, but I truly do not believe that the father was really trying to hurt his child. Maybe just teach them a lesson. A lesson gone wrong, obviously. You could tell by the panic by both parents that it was unintentional. I think the dad just made a VERY stupid move on his part. He obviously lacks common sense. As sick as it is, parents and people have purposefully tried to kill their kids this way before, but they just walk away and let it happen. Since these people panicked and seemed so relieved to get the child back safe, and the fact that they don`t even notice what is going on around them, makes me think it was just a stupid move and a freak accident (the washer turning on I mean, the child was clearly put in there purposefully.) I think he should be charged with some form of child abuse. Although maybe unintentional, because no one in their right mind would put their kid in a machine! Especially when there are warning labels screaming not to everywhere! Ugh.
What do you guys think? Intentional or no? Should he/they be charged? xox

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