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8 months ago

Having only two pairs of jeans in my wardrobe, one of which is worn to the max, means it`s time for jean shopping.
Yes I love jeans but am guilty to say I only have two pairs that fit. Well one and a half. Both jeans I currently own are mid rise straight leg. They both still fit at the waist but one of them is getting really loose from the thigh down. So off I went jean hunting.

Now I wasn`t quite sure what I was gonna be able to find but I was hoping to at least to find some new jeans with the straight leg fit. I no longer like bootcut jeans cause now I find that it makes me my legs look shorter. But instead I ended up getting two pairs in a never worn style before! Well for me at least... Hehe

They are skinny jeans. I was never comfortable wearing skinny jeans cause I thought it wouldn`t look right on me. Well, I guess you just have to find the right fit. Meaning, all jeans are not created equal even though they are the same style and cut.

I ended up getting two pairs of skinny jeans. They are by the brand D. Jeans New York. I`ve never heard of this brand before but I found out online that it retails for $26.99 and up.

The first pair I got is a really dark wash mid rise skinny. I got it in the petite size and the length of the jeans fit perfectly for my 5`1` frame. No hemming needed. Its made with 2% spandex which gives the jeans some stretchiness unlike other skinny jeans I`ve tried which are skin tight. There are two plain useable back pockets with button detailing. The only con about this pair of jean is that the two front pockets are for show only. There is a smaller pocket for coins in the front but it`s really shallow. Another thing is which I don`t really think of as a con but just something not of my preference is the color of the stitching on the inner thigh area. I would`ve preferred it to match the color of the jean. But it`s nothing major really.

The second pair is a high waist skinny. It`s on the color dark sandblast. Like a medium wash but it has a lighter wash in the center of the thigh area thus giving the illusion of slimmer thighs. It`s also in the petite size. It too contains 2% spandex and has two back pockets. But this one has stitched on detailing. It also has slightly pleated folds underneath the front two pockets. As with the first pair, the two front pockets are for show only. Now even though this one is the same size as the first, I find that it`s about an inch and a half longer than the first pair in length. But not that long that I need to hemm it. See what I mean by all jeans are not created equal.

I`ve bought both these pairs of jeans on two separate occasions at Ross for $16.99 a pair. Not a bad deal considering it`s a great fit. I`ve already tried the first pair and it`s really comfortable. It feels like jeggings but it`s not. I even forgot that I had them on until my son asked me why I`m still wearing my jeans... Lol... Cause usually I take my jeans off right after I get home into something more comfortable. These are so comfy that i didn`t want to change into something else. I get really lazy sometimes... Haha

So now that I hauled two pairs of new jeans, I`m set with 3 pairs total, which is all I really need. But I`m so tempted to get more from this brand. I actually saw another pair of skinny too also by this brand. This one was for $17.99 and it had real front pockets. I was so tempted to get it too but the color was the same as my first pair so I skipped. But if I were to ever run into another pair that`s on sale and maybe in a different color, I`m gonna probably pick them up cause these are so comfy.

D. Jeans New York
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