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4 years ago

This is a new bike my husband just bought off of amazon. It was around $80. What`s so unique about this bike is how it`s designed. Unlike an ordinary bike, this one has no handles. But there is an area in the front of the seat you can hold on too but if you`re daring enough, you can ride this bike hands free. This bike also has 3 wheels, a big one in the front and two smaller ones in the back. The two smaller ones are designed in a way that it leans in towards the bike. It`s not broken, it`s purposely designed this way, for what reason I`m not sure yet. But it might have to do with the little stepping area in the back of the bike. This little stepping area allows for another person to stand there and hold onto the back of the bike seat while the person sitting on the bike pedals and moves the bike. Another thing that is so unique about this bike is that this bike folds. As you can see in the last picture, the bike is folded in half, thus reducing storage space. I love how they designed the bike in a way you can fold it, cause I have 3 other bikes that is taking too much room. I wonder if they have any other color besides yellow. Pink, maybe. Have you see anyone else with this bike and what do you think about a bike that folds?

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