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4 years ago

I gave up ciclying for a while during the summer because it was to hot outside and i didn`t feel like riding the bike for long distances under the sun ( i get aches easily =/ ), but now that temperatures are drooping im going to pick up the bike again and start making it a more regular thing.

I thought it would be cool to leave a few tips if you are also going to get back into cycling, starting for the first time or just want to know a few things to have in mind:

<strong>- Start slow -</strong> Like other exercise forms, don`t try to go for the moon right away. Start slow, build up some endurance and in no time you will be going for longer distances.

<strong>- Get a proper seat -</strong> A seat is very important because its what gives you support while riding the bike and so a good seat is very important to make sure you can handle those bike rides(especially the long ones) comfortably

<strong>- Do intervals - </strong>You can do intervals where you pedal faster for x time/distance and then go slower to rest, then go faster again. This will give a bigger calorie burn and also help with endurance

<strong>-Warm up and cool down -</strong> Like other forms of exercise, a warm up and cool down will help you prepare for a tougher workout and prevent some injuries or muscle ache

<strong>- Get a digital monitor - </strong>A lot of people get this right away but other don`t and a speed/distance monitor is a good motivator to make you go for more distance or speed.

<strong>- Set goals - </strong>This goes a bit with the previous tip and you can set your self goals like "im going x distance today". This will help you improve your workout and keep you motivated.

<strong>- Make a plan -</strong> Having a plan can be good and its like having an exercise sheet. In the source link you can find one that includes a warm up and intervals, this way you will make sure you follow a routine.

So this are just some tips i remembered now, if i do come up with more in the future i will write them down and make other post. I hope this helps :)

<strong>Do you cycle?
Do you like exercising outdoors or do you prefer a gym/home?</strong>

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