Hey guys :) I needed some makeup so I went to CVS to pick up a few things.
I ran out of my favorite liquid eyeliner (Prestige Cosmetics) that they stopped selling EVERYWHERE near me.. which i am very upset about but that`s not the point. So i`ve been trying to find one as good as it but I can`t seem to do it. I tried out this Milani Liquid Eyeliner. It worked okay but I was dissapointed with it. It didn`t go on as easy and smudged much faster then my previous liquid eyeliner. It`s not terrible but I definitely think that there is much better brands out there.
I ran out of my mascara which I loved so I needed to pick up another one. My previous one was also L`OREAL voluminous mascara in a gold bottle. This is one is same brand and all except this one has more collagen.. which adds more volume then the original. This mascara works great and is currently my favorite. I would recommend it with out a doubt.
Next I saw these Confetti polishes. I recently bought one in purple and was so shocked with the results. The polishes are around $1-$2 but my last one worked wonderfully. These two were gorgeous colors but they chipped very quickly but then again you get what you pay for. The dark purple is called HAPPY BIRTHDAY and the silver color is called SILVER SLIPPERS. Both are absolutely gorgeous and even though they don`t last a really long time, the colors are beautiful.
Thank you for reading, I wrote my most honest opinions and reviews. What do you think of my haul?

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