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4 years ago

Hey everyone! Sorry if I have been busy lately and not posting as much. Yesterday was my birthday. I didn`t get anything makeup related but I did get a dress. If you would like to see the dress, definitely let me know and I will take pictures! Okay onto the post, if you didn`t know already, CVS had a sale last week on Physicians Formula products. The sale was $7 off any PF cosmetics that was $7 and over. The $7 was taken off automatically at the register. IMO this was a great sale because if you wanted to try something that was lets say $7.49, then you would only be paying $0.49 plus tax for the product. Plus if you bought $30 worth of selected items, you would get a $10 gas card. I thought that it was a really good deal so I decided to buy a couple of products that I have been wanting. I didn`t buy much and only just bought eyeliners. I have been wanting to try the lash boosting eyeliner with serum from PF for the longest. My lashes are pretty short so any product that can claim to lengthen them is a product that I definitely want to try. Since I wanted to try to lengthen them, I decided to buy the
PF Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Felt Tp Eyeliner + Serum. I bought two because these were the last two with the stickers on them. I bought both of them in Deep Brown. I wanted Black but there wasn`t any left at the store. I can`t remember the exact price of these but they were automatically $7 off and plus they had Try Me FREE rebate stickers on them, which means that I will get my money back after I fill out the forms and send everything required in. I was going to buy the one with the clear serum but these had more product in them so I bought these instead. These were originally $10.99 but I only paid $3.99 plus tax and will be getting money back in rebates. Yay! The other eyeliners that I bought are the
PF Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker in Ultra Black. I bought three but already gave one to my sister since she loves eyeliners. Whenever I buy a new eyeliner to try out, I always buy an extra for her as well. I can`t remember who but I remember someone saying that these were their favorite drugstore eyeliners. When I got home, I swatched it on my hand and it was very pigmented and black. I let it dry a couple of seconds and rubbed it like crazy and it stayed! I must warn you though that these are not waterproof because I rubbed it under water as well and it came off easily. I haven`t tried it on my eye lids yet but once I gave it a try a couple of times, I will definitely do a review! This eyeliner was $7.49 but with the sale, I only paid $0.49 plus tax. I went to two different CVS stores because the first one that I went to only had one. The second CVS store had only 2 left and it was priced $7.79 so I paid $0.79 plus tax. I noticed that the second CVS store had higher prices on all their products. I don`t know why the CVS stores had different prices because they are pretty much down the street from one another. So that is all for my haul. I didn`t even notice that I bought all eyeliners until I bought everything to the cashier and he made a comment on me stocking up. LOL If you have tried any of these eyeliners before, definitely let me know how you liked or didn`t like it. I would love to know! If you would like to see a review and/or swatches, definitely let me know as well. Also before you think this is a great deal and start heading to your CVS store, the sale is already over and ended on July 7. I did do a post a couple of days earlier on this deal so hopefully, you guys were able to take advantage of the deal while it lasted. ==================================================================
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