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4 years ago

Hi everybody. Yup, I went to CVS again today. I wanted to find another backup of the Kate lipstick in #08 and I found it. I`m so happy I have a backup now cause I don`t know if it`s a limited edition or if it`s gonna be permanent. And right next to the lipsticks were the Spoiled polishes by Wet N Wild which I didn`t know till today and they were only 99 cents a bottle, orginally $1.99. And then I went to the red box to see if I will get any good coupons and oh boy I did. I got a $12 off PE coupon but it sid excludes cosmetics, $3 off L`oreal nail polish (which I didn`t use yet), and a $5 EB for buying $50 worth of makeup products. The only thing was that I wished the PE included cosmetics cause I wanted to get their booster blush to try. So I got their Enriched Dry Skin Concentrate cream. It took me forever to choose between this cream and another one they had with a green lid. That one was for normal to dry skin but this one is for dry to very dry skin and you could use this one around the eye area and you couldn`t do that with the other one. So I chose this due to this fact. I picked up everything and went to the cashier and he rung me up and I took out my wallet and was about to pay when he said, that I`m at a negative $2.50. I was like..huh??!! He was dazed too and he was litterally scratching his head, so he said would you like to pick up some other stuff? I asked him what other stuff can I pick up, stupid question, but I was still in shock, my mind wasn`t registering yet. So he said I could pick up 2 more bottles of those polishes. I was like cool. So I went and picked up 2 more bottles. So at the end, I didn`t pay a penny for those 6 polishes, kate lipstick and the PE cream!! Cool, huh! Thanks to all those coupons. And the PE coupon even though it said excludes comestics, I think I could`ve used it on comestics because on the recipet it just said manufacturers coupon and that coupon took some money off of my makeup products that I bought. But I guess it depends if the cashier was looking at the descripton on the coupon or not. And PF was having a $5 off sale. So I guess I`m still hecka lucky!
So the polishes I got from left to right are as follows:

**Show Me Some Skin (with this color, there were 2 more bottles with the same name but those other two had more of a pinkier tone, weird, don`t know why. But I chose this bottle cause that`s what grabbed my attention, I didn`t like the color of the other two.)
**Papa-Paparazzi (love this name)
**Toad-ally Amazing
**Pumping Gas
**Playing With Platinum
**Black Mamba (I needed a black polish since I gave my other one away but this was prettier than the regular black color I`m used too)
So yeah!! Love what I got today!!

**pictures belong to me, don`t use without permission**

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