CVS finds: Burt`s Bee Lipgloss

4 years ago

Not only I found the Covergirl Gloss Balm for a friend, but I surely did
stumbled upon more exciting products! We all know Burt`s Bee are
well known for their chapsticks because its my favorite! LOL But yeah
as I was taking pictures for the Covergirl Gloss Balm I saw this on the
bottom shelf and knew I had to take pictures.

I was surprised there were two new collections that was coming from
them. I did manage try to take pictures, but of course its not that great
since the employee just stuck it all the way on the bottom. LOL The first
one really caught my attention because I`m a sucker when it comes to lip-glosses.

Especially in these shades... Heck yeah! I didn`t jot the names down because it
would`ve taken me forever so I "tried" to snap a closer picture where I can actually
read the words. Smart huh? LOL But yeah, I accidentally deleted the pictures off my
phone so I tried my best reading it from my laptop so here we go. I think it was either
one or two I couldn`t read, but yeah. I tried. HAHA

Left to right:
1. Autumn Haze
2. Fall Foliage (?)
3. Sweet Sunset
4. Sunny Day
5. Ocean Sunrise
6. Rosy Down
7. Spring Slender
8. Summer Twilight
9. Evening Glow
10. Ruby Moon
11. Nearly Dusk (?)
12. Starry Night

These lip-glosses are Nature Knows Color. Its made out of 100% natural lip-glosses. They`re rich
pearlized color which will nourish and softening your lips. This collection comes with 12 different shades you can choose from. Well, I hope you enjoy my finding posts!

1. Which color shades do you like the best?
2. Do you like using Burt`s Bee lip products?

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