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Since lots of people here on LUUUX were posting about their CVS clearance hauls, I really wanted to go there myself to try to snag some great deals! So I went. I wasn`t really interested in anything in particular... Plus, there weren`t much on clearance, and if there were any left, people have bought most of the items already.

But, Lisa Le (here on LUUUX) posted a CVS haul with items I found interesting! So I made my boyfriend drive me to CVS again today in hopes of finding something remotely pleasing to me. I ended up with two items:

1. Essence of Beauty 5 eyelash curler refills: I saw this on 75% and I squealed! This is awesome for me because my eye lash curlers have a bunch of gunk on them (old, hardened mascara). Changing them would be nice to be sanitary and keep the clumps of mascara from getting into my eyes... This ended up to be $0.67. I saved $1.87!

2. Maybelline ColorSensational lip gloss (Touch of Toffee): I have to admit this- I was getting a little desperate to just GET SOMETHING! I keep leaving empty handed. I`ve been wanting a lip gloss like this for a while now and this was the perfect time for me to snag one. I liked this brownish-nude color better than all of the bright pink shimmery ones. Packaging is quite small and slim. I wonder how long this will last me. I bought this for only $3.75 at half off.

-Pictures are mine.

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