Cutting your Own Hair?

4 years ago

It`s always a girl`s dream to have the hair they always wanted, the right length and thr right style. I remember, when I was still a teenager, I used to cry over haircuts done bad. When I got into college, I totally changed my outlook when it comes to cutting and styling my hair. I learned how to accept that bad hair cuts can happen and hair gorws back, so why do I have to worry much about it.
I`ve tried different haircuts and hairstyles, from the shortest to the longest, from straight to curly. Yes, I do cut my own hair. Cutting my own bangs and trimming it isn`t really hard. All you need is the confidence to do it and the guts to pull of the cut you did, and that`s it! Here are a few points to remember if you want to try cutting or trimming down your hair.
1. Do not cut your hair when it is wet. It is a good idea to wet hair first, let it dry but itself to have its natural volume and fullness, the you can proceed.
2. Used clips and hair elastics. Do not deprive yourself with these stuffs. Do not be in a rush and cut your hair in one swift. Layering hair using clips / elastics is a must.
3. Do it in front of a huge mirror and a medium sized one. One is to check the side on how it looks like (do it by reflecting it to the other mirror and see the back and the sides of your hair and get the perfect length.
4. Aside from using straight cutting scissors, try investing on the croaked ones. They can help you layer you hair with ease.
5. If it fails, do not blame yourself and cry. Remember, it`s always based on how you pull it off. Gels, hair sprays, hair accesories are made to make your hair prettier, so don`t hesitate to used them. Hair grows back, remember that.

Goodluck lovies! :D
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