Cutlet Sandwich

4 years ago

Theres a local sandwich/pizza shop which has been around since the early 1900s. Its a family owned shop and has been passed down from the parents (whom were immigrants from Italy) to the sons who now run the business and are hoping to possibly pass onto their children. If youre from the area where I live and if you mention the shop, people know exactly what youre talking about. One thing that my family has always been a fan of is their cutlet sandwich. Many assume its veal cutlet, but its actually pork cutlet. Its pounded out to be incredibly thin, battered in bread crumb batter and deep fried. Its served on a sub roll typically with sauce on it but we happen to get sauce on the side because if you dont eat it right away the bread gets all soggy and its not a good sandwich the next day because it just falls apart. I will say though this sandwich is quite yummy. The meat is soft with slight chew thanks to it being fried and the bread is a old fashioned sub bread and its soft yet hearty. Their sauce is fabulous a very simple plain sauce. All together they compliment one another well.

Have you ever had a pork/veal cutlet sandwich?

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