Cute or Tacky: Nyan Cat Earrings

5 years ago

okay, i just have to day this-the nyan cat song has got to be one of the most annoying and addicting song evar! long story short, she was singing as she was playing the game and it got stuck in my head the rest of the day! ARRRRGH!!! anyways, i`m not a nyan cat hater or anything, but no offense, but i think that it`s really pointless and yes i am partially hating on it because of the annoying song. when i first heard of the nyan cat, i was like confused with it. it was like a half cat and half poptart that had a nongoing rainbow tail or something. and then i started to see nyan cat everything. folders, shirts, rooms inspired buy it. everything. i think it seems tacky. and now there are earrings. blech. the only cat i ever like is hello kitty.

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