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2 years ago

I`m definitely a gift-giver kind of person and sometimes will find any excuse to make or get a little something to give to someone. This past weekend I went on a trip to visit my boyfriend and, along with my homemade cookies that I baked for him, decided to bring along a small, cute gift to give him. I ran across the idea on Pinterest, actually, but decided to modify it to fit the autumn/Halloween season. He loved it! :)

-Mason jar (I used a mini-sized one)
-Candy corn
-Writing utensil


1.Fill Jar With Candy Corn

This is the best part because you get to eat some of the candy corn, obviously :) Since I used a small mason jar (it had to travel on a plane with me), I had plenty of candy corn left over, lol. I actually put the candy corn in the jar piece-by-piece to fit the most in. Too much unused space is left if you just pour the bag in!

2. Create An Adorable Tag
On a piece of cardboard from a box that I was going to throw away, I drew a tag shape and cut it out, putting a small hole through it for the string with scissors. I wrote a cheesy little saying (`I know it may be corny, but I love you!`) on the tag and then put the string through it. You can write anything you want, but I thought this one was too cheesy and adorable to NOT use haha (and my bf thought it was hilarious lol).

3. Attach Tag To Jar
Tie the tag to the jar by wrapping the string around where the neck of the jar thins, up by the lid. Don`t tie it too tight, otherwise the tag won`t hang naturally. Leave a little bit of slack. Adjust the tag so the words face on top.

4. Give Your Gift To Someone!
Give your cute little homemade gift to someone :) It`s a small gesture, but little things like this are always fun and nice to do. I really enjoy it!

Even though Halloween is now over, this gift is still perfect to make for the autumn season! Candy corn is always around until Thanksgiving anyway... or you can use a different candy and make a different cheesy tag with it! ;)

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