Cute Cozy Hooded Jackets at Walmart

10 months ago

90 % of the time when I go shopping, I`m by myself. Reasons are that I`m the only female in my family. Trust me, the guys in my family don`t understand my love for makeup, handbags and clothes. And my friends and extended family live far away and are busy most of the time. It sucks sometimes cause I can`t ask for opinions. But lately I`ve been having some company (female company.. Lol) while shopping and that would be my nieces and mother in law.
While shopping with them, I noticed that no matter what store we`re in, my mother in law are always in hunt for some nice pieces of clothing at affordable prices. She doesn`t believe in paying full price and neither do I. But most of the time she ends up leaving empty handed. Sometimes she leaves with one or two pieces of clothing. But I never see her wear it. She never tried it on because she`s wheelchair bound and doesn`t like to try them on until she`s home. So she just gets them based on the size she normally wears. I guess she returned them afterwards.
Anywho... I was at Walmart picking up some personal items and I decided to check out some of their clothes. I haven`t looked at their clothing for a while. The last time I was there, I saw a cute sweater there for $7 but never picked it up and it`s one of my regrets to this day. It was my color and style too. Ugh...
But I looked and looked and almost gave up when this bright colored hooded jacket caught my eyes. I believe this brand is called Boho. It`s a hot pink hooded zip up jacket made of fleece material. And oh, the fleece was soooo soft. I ran my hands through the material more than I should have... Hahaha. It has two pockets. This jacket is not too thick or thin. So it`s great for fall or on days where it`s not too cold. Or even just to wear when you`re lounging around the house. This jacket was $15. I`ve seen other colors of this jacket. I saw a white, red, and a light Aqua colored one.

The second jacket is also a hooded zip up fleece jacket by Faded Glory. This jacket is in a off white color and also has two pockets. This one is also soft but thicker than the first jacket, so this one is better for colder days. But the outside lining is not as soft as the first one but it`s still soft to the touch. This one I purchased for a reduced price of $10. This one also had a few colors to select from. They had a darker beige one and a black one.

When my mother in law received it, she was happy and loved it. In fact she wore it out when we went shopping during the weekend!
I didn`t tell her this, but I secretly tried them out when I got home, even though they weren`t my size. And I too fell in love with both of them, the hot pink one being my favorite. I could imagine myself wearing this when I`m out for a walk with Dexter when the weather gets a bit warmer. I loved the color too and I`m hoping I`m able to snag one in the exact color but in a smaller size. I might even try the light Aqua one too.

Sometimes shopping for clothes at Walmart is a hit or miss with me. Well the same goes for Ross... Lol
But sometimes I do find some quality clothing for a great deal. Trust me, I`m really picking when it comes to purchasing clothes for me or my family. So I`m definitely going back to see what else I get score a deal on, clothing wise , since I`m looking for some sweaters for myself.

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