Cute communication!!!

4 years ago

Ahhh isn`t this the cutest!!!

I am moving next year to live with some friends and I have been thinking really hard about different ways we can display notes to each other, shopping lists, to do lists, rosters etc as I know there will be many things like that that we will need to have up somewhere for everyone to see!

Although this particular picture looks like it is in the bathroom (a cute thing to have for a couple who share a bathroom I think) this gave me a great idea on a great way we could display things!!

What I was thinking was taking something (like an old door or an old picture frame) and painting the frame a pretty colour. Then masking off the newly painted frame I thought I could buy some chalkboard spray paint and spray the glass/mid part of door etc with that so I could then hang it on the wall for a cute, DIY chalk board which could be hung in the kitchen which we could all write on :)

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