Cute Chocolate Covered Apples

5 years ago

Cute Chocolate Apples :3

Hello my lovelies,

I went to Tesco today for our annual Food shop and managed to pick up a load of fashionable and beauty items plus some cute treats!

Just before we were about to leave we headed up the fruit isle and cam across these Chipmunk and Chick little treats. Well, i think its a chipmunk, it could be a rabbit haha
At first i wasn`t sure what they were but when i looks clearly at the labels they said they were chocolate covered apples.
I rarely see any kind of covered apple around Tesco unless it`s near Halloween or something so it was a little surprise. I also found it quite surprising to find it near the fruit isle because it is chocolate, i though i would find it near the baked goods or fresh deserts isles haha

To be honest i got tempted to buy them because of how adorable and cute they are :) Also they were on special offer at 2 for £1.50 which i though was really good!

I did eat one after lunch today and i have to say it was very yummy haha

So yeahh :) what do you guys think?

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