Cute Chinese Shoes!

So I took a trip the D.C. yestarday and visited Chinatown.While i was walking around i saw Urban Outfitters (havent been in that store ever since they moved out my mall).I was Looking around when i saw these cute slippers.They had different colors and designs,one was mint green with little black cat heads and the other ones where just pink,blue,and black.They are kind of like Toms except with straps but they are so FREAKIN comfortable.Trust me after walking around D.C. for 4 hours thoses shoes felt like heaven.Now in Urban Outfitters they are $14 each,and if you get 2 its only $20.I Guess thats a good deal,Right?(Well we ended up buying 2 pairs)so we leave happy walking away in our comfortable shoes that we got for a good deal until we pass by a chinese or korean store and they have the same shoes for $5 my Edvice look around a couple other stores to see if they have the same merchandise for cheaper.Anyways we ended up caving in on the shoes we saw at the chinese store and bought like 4 other pairs,for only $20.Either way im happy we bought them because they pair up nice with a dress,high-waisted shorts,long skirt,and skinny jeans.

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