Cute $13 Flats for Casual Wear!

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! I was hanging around Macy`s today (yes, I was at the mall, AGAIN!) when I found these cute flats in the Macy`s clearance section when I was browsing. I didn`t expect to really find anything at all because I was only looking around casually but then I found this. After I checked the price, I decided that I HAD to get it which is how I ended up with these :)

Color: Black

Brand: Rampage

Design: These flats are like the classic black flats shape but at the top, there are bows with zippers along the edges of the bows. The bows are in the knot design and stuck at the top of the flats, adding a cute touch to the flats.

Price: $12.99 not including tax

I`m stoked that I got these! I have heard of the brand Rampage before but I haven`t actually tried them so I`m super excited to wear these :)

<cite>*pictures are mine*</cite>

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